• Summer Time

    TEAM HIKI NO is excited to provide THREE awesome opportunities in JUNE to our region! All held at Gabriel Park Sand Cts (4500 SW Nevada St 97219). One includes UW Beach Volleyball Head Coach Steve Whitaker! Lezzzgooooo THN!!! 1) ‘Intro to Beach Volleyball’ Clinic: $60 – 2 days (June 5 & 6) Beach Beginners 4:30-6p […]

  • Regionals and WVC

    Regionals 18-1 During this year there has been some rough patches, but this weekend at regionals we learned and played as one. We accomplished our goal of being consistent and going for every ball. We were the most competitive then I’ve ever seen. As a senior, having this weekend be my last regionals ever, I […]

  • Power League Weekend

    18-1 18-2 This weekend was yet another great learning and growing experience for us. We played so well as a team and it was amazing to see everyone and everything come together. There were definitely some rough patches but all season, we’ve been working on getting out of these spots and constantly fighting for every […]

T.E.A.M. Hiki No is committed to providing a family oriented culture that facilitates the discovery of life lessons through the game of volleyball.

We provide an opportunity to pursue personal dreams and athletic goals through teamwork, discipline, hard work, and dedication. Our focus and foundation is guiding young women to positive self-actualization both on and off the court.



Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Big congratulations to Tanya for winning the Cindy Leatherberry Silent Hero Award! Very well deserved. Hope everyone had a great time at Regionals. The food was awesome! And there will be a lot more this weekend at the end of season party at POP. Hope to see everyone there.

What a weekend wouldn’t you say!

First and foremost, we the coaches, would like send out a huge ALOHA and Mahalo to our 12’s parents and families for their love, time, patience, and absolute trust with their precious possessions called “Keikis”. We are absolutely humbled, honored and thankful for letting us be a part of your family these last 6 months and as Team Hiki No preaches “It takes a village to raise a child”. You Parents ROCK……BOOOOM!

We have lots to say about this weekend, but we’ll try to keep it short and sweet! Girls played amazingly well and stepped up to the plate for the biggest tournament of their lives and once again proved that the Hiki No curve works if you just trust the process. Went 2-1 first day, playing 10 total sets, to finish the day 3rd in Pool and top of silver. Went through day 2 holding seed and making it into the championship game against Athena. Unfortunately we lost in 2 close sets that could’ve gone either way, but we all saw the determination and passion in their eyes that match, which makes it all worth it.

Finally, This group of girls accomplished so much, had each other’s back every step of the way, formed a bond that no one can ever take and learned to love the sport of volleyball through their blood, sweat and tears this season. We’d like to finish with saying that this group made club history by finishing the highest ranked 12’s team and bid a farewell to our SENIORS who cheered us on all weekend.

Both 14-1 and 14-2 had very similar focus going into the regionals. Enjoy each other’s company and have lots of fun and leave everything on the court because “You Only Live Once – a.k.a. “YOLO!”. Our goal was to have “No Regrets” when we reflect back about the competition. All three coaches are very proud of the way both teams played and how they wrapped up the season…lots of heart and lots on intensity. As we presented the lei before their first match on Sunday, we all talked about the lessons we have learned this season (volleyball and life lessons) and priveledge of being part of this great Hiki-No Ohana as we get ready to venture into their next chapter in life.

We are very proud of the way 14-1s played because they played with much more consistency and strategies, continue to make changes and bettering every plays.

We are very proud of the stride these players from 14-2s have made. They made their mission to follow through on their passion while embracing the Hiki-No culture…with “can do!” attitude. Players were supportive of each other throughout the match, celebrating the teammates success like their own.

Wow what a season! I am extremely proud of this group of girls. After a tough first day of regionals on Saturday, the girls really stepped it up and came to play on Sunday; where they played their best volleyball of the season! We didn’t finish how we wanted, but it was still a great accomplishment, ending with a 28-30 point game! It was so fun to watch the girls grow on and off the court. It was my pleasure getting to share my love of the game with them. Great season all around.

If it’s to be, it’s up to me

What an incredible ending to an incredible season! The growth, positive attitudes, learning about life and volleyball, friendships, heartbreaks, and good times, were had and experienced by the 16-1. The 16-1 went without dropping a set the last day to win their “same color t-shirts” (and CLOBBERING one team 25-6 might I add.)

The girls not only peaked at the right time but they also pulled together to truly have a great team effort for the last games of their season.

Coach Kealia and Coach Kaiao loved those ding dongs and will truly miss their weird energy!

The 16-2’s finished the season on an amazing note, getting second place in our bracket. On Sunday the girls fought to come back from being down 4-12 to win, and again from being down 8-16 to win, which was so fun to watch! They played some amazing volleyball, and never gave up. This season was such a fun one, and it was incredible to watch the girls grow from our first tournament to the last day of regionals. They showed incredible growth and improvement, and each and every one of them has so much to be proud of.

What a season! There were definitely some highs and lows, easy days and grinding days, injuries, a little blood, a lot of sweat and some tears. Through it all, the girls kept pushing and I think it’s safe to say they have come out better people and players because of it.

Regionals ended up being a replay of the season smashed into two days. Two grind out wins to start pool play led to a matchup against a familiar respected club & eventual champion, NPJs. While the first set wasn’t bad, it wasn’t pretty either. The second set may have been the most fun and best played set of the weekend. Going up against a well coached team with 11 college signees is definitely a challenge. Thanks to some AWESOME defense, we held a 16-14 lead but eventually the firepower on the other side of the net prevailed. Jumping straight into our crossover, we couldn’t bring that same intensity and unfortunately dropped another match.

Sunday brought another rollercoaster as we dropped our first set to Adidas before grinding out & winning the next two to win the match! Our final match of the season came against another friendly foe, DSK, who prevailed.

Thank you from the staff to all the families and friends who supported us throughout the season. You have all contributed to the many experiences & fun that made it a memorable & surely unforgettable 2017 season!

Regionals for the 18-2s was a mixed bag. Saturday we started off very slow and got beat by a team we were better than. After everyone went and got some food and had a chance to reflect, the girls came back with much more fire and heart and beat two quality teams to end up first in their pool. Sunday morning we thought they would come in fired up to finish well in the Bronze division but the team just wasn’t ‘clicking’. Coach Courtney and Coach Suz felt like some of the girls wanted it but it was one of those days when the mind/body connection wasn’t there. The result was we didn’t end the season quite how we wanted to but we felt like overall these girls often exceeded expectations and rose above some adverse situations such as injury and different line ups to have some good growth. Those going onto their senior year seasons should be coming into summer workouts with their teams better than they left last fall.

Next Level

Friday, May 5, 2017

Congratulations to our seniors who have signed to play at the next level!

Grace Buchanan – Mt Hood CC
Brianna Cathers – Blue Mountain CC
Jocelyn Gorman – Marist College
Rachel Santos – Malone University
Delaney Seitz – Western New Mexico University
Maddy Standley – Holy Names University
Janey Woodward – Cypress College
Macey Wright – Lower Columbia CC

12u/16u Final Power League, Friendship and Play-in

Friday, May 5, 2017

Well 12’s life is coming to an end for 2017 and this roller coaster ride was up hill both ways. Our last power league revealed lots of great key points for our last push into regionals. Couple of key points were playing with a lead and never letting off the gas, which was one of our worst struggles and another great key point was regaining our composure after losing a close set, coming out of the break with confidence and “Hiki NO” attitude. With this type of mindset, it not only prepares them for the near future (Regionals) but also for the rest of their lives (life lessons).

Long story short we finished 1st in pool, then dropped a crucial match to Webfoot in then SEMI’s, then won 1 game to 25 against NW Reign, which seeded us in the TOP 16 for regionals at #15 seed. WOOOOOHOOOOOO *chest bump* *high-FIVE*

With the changes to the format for regionals, we got to finally show our 12’s off to the whole club as we had to play a final match for final rankings going into regionals. We faced off against NW Elite…….With the amount of Red and Black in attendance you can say we clearly had an advantage, sweeping NW Elite in 2 sets and finally solidifying our spot in the top 16’s for regionals. Great work ladies, “nothing can stop us, cuz were all the way up”………See y’all this weekend

The 16-1 suffered a tough loss with Jahzel getting injured. Our thoughts are with her as she learns and trust the process. She’s been awesome and still attending practice and supporting her team.
One of the constant themes from the power league was that the team was always on the attacking. We are looking forward to regionals and having another chance to learn and grow and earn our experiences.

The 16-2’s had a great last power league, with solid serving and serve receive, and lots of exciting plays. They played hard and committed to the goals we set for the day. We finished the day with only 2 losses, and ended on a great win. It was a sweet note to end on before heading to Regionals, and we are excited to finish off the season on just as high of a note!

It was another day of growth, opportunity & learning for our 15s playing in the 16s Silver division for the first time all season. Won a well played match beating NCVC in pool play for our only win in the morning to force a 3-way tie for 2nd & lost to that very same team to put us at 4th. However, in bracket play we came out with a renewed sense of urgency, focus & determination & was able to beat a very solid Volleyball West team which was one of, if not, our best ‘TEAM WINS’ of or season. And finally in an epic & fun finale, we huddled up & lost via ‘rock-paper-scissors’ match for the consolation title. Overall a solid & long day for all putting us in a good & hungry mindset for regionals!

With the addition of a few players, the 18-2s took the court on April 22nd at the Trails End friendship tournament. TEAM Hiki No came out on fire and continued to progress throughout the day. With excellent defense, beautiful sets from Kira, and some smart plays and power from the hitters, the players went undefeated the entire day, not even dropping a set to their opponents. They showed mental toughness by consistently playing to their level and they also displayed great discipline by being in the correct spot on defense and making plays. Lastly, the players showed much growth in their communication skills as they were constantly talking about what was going on and what was open for the hitters. All in all, it was a great day of successes and growth for the modified 18-2s team.

14u Final Power League

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

We started the day with great and positive energy, focus and determination. All players on and off the court worked together and celebrated each other’s success as their own and there’s nothing the coaches can be more inspired and proud of to watch these young athletes taking accountability and grow at each and every opportunity – probably more so than actually winning a match. We also focused on strategic offense, including hitting to the corners for middle hitters and pin-hitters mixing in tips over the block for points.

Highlight of the day was that even when we had ten-point deficit, the players still managed to work together to come back and win the set.

As we head into last phase of the season, we are looking to get back into the gym and focus on bettering our volleyball IQ to play smarter rather than just playing harder.

As a team, our 14-2s agreed to make it our goal to be the most energetic and aggressive team at the tournament. Setting this goal helped us stay engaged during every point, including the bench. We did a great job of attacking every ball that we could instead of playing it safe. There was a couple serve-receive ruts but we managed to get out of those quickly and bounce back! A tight first match against NCVBC showed the girls how important it is to do their job and focus on making “good mistakes”. The girls are still clearly grasping what it means to have a sense of urgency but they are getting there! So great to see everybody on and off the court have such a great attitude! Overall a day that showed good growth.