• Summer Time

    TEAM HIKI NO is excited to provide THREE awesome opportunities in JUNE to our region! All held at Gabriel Park Sand Cts (4500 SW Nevada St 97219). One includes UW Beach Volleyball Head Coach Steve Whitaker! Lezzzgooooo THN!!! 1) ‘Intro to Beach Volleyball’ Clinic: $60 – 2 days (June 5 & 6) Beach Beginners 4:30-6p […]

  • Regionals and WVC

    Regionals 18-1 During this year there has been some rough patches, but this weekend at regionals we learned and played as one. We accomplished our goal of being consistent and going for every ball. We were the most competitive then I’ve ever seen. As a senior, having this weekend be my last regionals ever, I […]

  • Power League Weekend

    18-1 18-2 This weekend was yet another great learning and growing experience for us. We played so well as a team and it was amazing to see everyone and everything come together. There were definitely some rough patches but all season, we’ve been working on getting out of these spots and constantly fighting for every […]

T.E.A.M. Hiki No is committed to providing a family oriented culture that facilitates the discovery of life lessons through the game of volleyball.

We provide an opportunity to pursue personal dreams and athletic goals through teamwork, discipline, hard work, and dedication. Our focus and foundation is guiding young women to positive self-actualization both on and off the court.


PNQ Weekend

Thursday, April 4, 2019

This was a great weekend for growth and mental toughness as we competed at the Spokane PNQ Qualifier; for many of our girls, this was their first time competing at a big qualifier and they stepped up to the opportunity! Each day offered its own challenges and the girls took everything in stride, adjusting to different lineups and opponents and working hard throughout. Our second day of pool play in particular was a day of excellent ball control, consistent communication, and steady energy – a milestone for our girls this season! We started and finished the tournament strong as a team, and overall it was an amazing learning experience and offered many opportunities for growth as individuals and as a team, reflection, and excitement!

Tournament Weekend

Friday, March 22, 2019

Busy weekend as all teams were in action

This week’s Power League was a comeback story. We started out excited for the day, yet our team’s attitudes’ quickly dropped after losing the first set to Cowlitz. As we went into the second set, we looked defeated and going into the rest of that game our defeated attitudes got the best of us and we lost. The worst thing about that is the score was close the entire time but our mental game made it seem like we were losing 24-0. This mental attitude stuck with us through our next game against NPJ and we lost again. Our third game ended with a loss in the first set but then we turned our attitudes around and won the second and third set for a win. We carried that momentum into our tiebreaker matches against YVBC and Cowlitz. We won both of those games and went on to win our crossover against Athena. We used the last of our energy while staying mentally tough to win our final game against MAC, moving us up from silver to 7th in GOLD! As we move forward through the rest of the season, I think that we definitely need to stay mentally tough and play OUR game no matter what the score is. Overall I think we did a great job pushing forward in this Power League. Great job 14’s!!!



The last friendship tournament of the season was a great opportunity for all of the girls to get out on the court and incorporate the mental and physical aspects of training that we’ve been building up all season! It was exciting to see how far our serving skills have progressed in both consistency and aggressiveness. Communication on the court is still a constant point of improvement, but both teams exhibited mental toughness throughout several challenging points in pool and bracket play. We also saw tremendous growth in hitters’ and setters’ decision-making, due to greater awareness of the other side of the net and a growing knowledge of gameplay strategy! The girls did an admirable job of adjusting to different roles on the court and coming together to support each other and we’re excited to keep working hard and improving from here! Let’s go HIKI NO!

This tournament overall was memorable and a great learning moment for our team. The first day and a half or so we did really well, and we were all working together as a team to achieve our goals. We trusted one another and played our game. It was great to see our team working as a unit and knowing everyone was putting in their 100% effort. The last day of the tournament didn’t go as we wanted, but we recognized the things we needed to work on and reflected well. Overall, Colorado Crossroads was a super fun tournament and a great experience!


President’s Day Tournaments

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Busy weekend as all teams were in action

This Presidents’ Day weekend was so much fun! We had a hard time waking up in the mornings but really came together in the afternoon for some strong games. We learned a lot about staying disciplined and being loud. We had some of the best rallys of the season against some really amazing teams. Although we have a long way to go we are really coming into our own as a team. We lost to sudden impact day one and came back for a rematch and ended up taking it in two. Overall third in Open in the Gold bracket!! Very proud of our girls and we had a great weekend together!!

Guest Author

The President’s Day Tournament for the 14s was a blast! We learned how to work as team, communicate, and also had some exciting rallys all day. Not only did we play amazing volleyball, we also had many opportunities to grow as a team and get to know each other better. The 14s played in the A.M. wave and were challenged with being fully awake and energized. A good example of this was our first match on day one of this tournament. Our team faced off against a Washington team named Sudden Impact. They were a strong team and had the upper hand against us. Unfortunately, we lost that match in two sets. For the remainder of the tournament we persevered as a team by lifting each other up along with the support and guidance of our two amazing coaches; Coach Crissy and Coach Peewee. This was evident on the last day of the tournament. Our first match of that morning was a rematch against Sudden Impact. We attacked it with a different mind set…we were more confident in our skills and ready to win. It was our opportunity to redeem ourselves…… and, that we did!!! We beat them in two sets!

Overall the 14s finished 3rd in the Gold bracket and grew a lot in our skills and as a team. We look forward to the remainder of the season and the growth that is yet to come.

Tiana T.

This weekend was a great opportunity to compete with some challenging teams! It was a productive learning experience and the girls stepped up their consistency and energy throughout the weekend. The girls worked hard to support each other in every game, celebrating together and communicating positively, shaking off bad plays and moving on to the next point. Serving was a highlight for us this weekend especially, it was exciting to see the growth from past tournaments in both our serving consistency, accuracy, and intensity. We’re continuing to build our court awareness and intentionality throughout long rallies and it’s rewarding to see the girls make adjustments on their own. This tournament offered us some exciting matches to test our blocking and digging coordination and hitting accuracy, and the girls met each challenge head on, working hard and staying together to play strong!

The 18-1’s had a great opportunity to play at a higher level this weekend in Las Vegas. We played with a consistent amount of energy and effort all weekend, probably the most consistent we’ve been all season. We faced some good teams which really forced us to rely on one and other for support and encouragement during difficult times. It was great to see the positive energy amongst everyone. Also, shout out to Samantha King for playing great defense this weekend and for being so vocal on the court, she really helped keep our energy up! Overall, this weekend was a good learning experience and we are excited to get on the court again.


In process

14U Power League

Saturday, February 16, 2019

In the morning we had a difficult time . Our pool brought us lots of challenges that we needed to execute and play defense on. Our team had faced lots of competition than the last tournament, so our team had to stay discipline and positive. I can say we were on a slippery road but we fought through it . We stayed strong and pulled it together for bracket play. We played NPJ for the first game of bracket , this game we had to push and play OUR game . We won the crossover. The team was staying positive and had a winners mindset. Throughout this day the bench stayed loud . This tournament moved us up to rank #11 , and was an amazing experience to play these teams. We can say we learned lots, gave us a glimpse of what we need to work on and play our game on our side of the net. Overall this was a great tournament and can’t wait to compete at the next one
Thanks again,

Tehani Militante