• Summer Time

    TEAM HIKI NO is excited to provide THREE awesome opportunities in JUNE to our region! All held at Gabriel Park Sand Cts (4500 SW Nevada St 97219). One includes UW Beach Volleyball Head Coach Steve Whitaker! Lezzzgooooo THN!!! 1) ‘Intro to Beach Volleyball’ Clinic: $60 – 2 days (June 5 & 6) Beach Beginners 4:30-6p […]

  • Regionals and WVC

    Regionals 18-1 During this year there has been some rough patches, but this weekend at regionals we learned and played as one. We accomplished our goal of being consistent and going for every ball. We were the most competitive then I’ve ever seen. As a senior, having this weekend be my last regionals ever, I […]

  • Power League Weekend

    18-1 18-2 This weekend was yet another great learning and growing experience for us. We played so well as a team and it was amazing to see everyone and everything come together. There were definitely some rough patches but all season, we’ve been working on getting out of these spots and constantly fighting for every […]

T.E.A.M. Hiki No is committed to providing a family oriented culture that facilitates the discovery of life lessons through the game of volleyball.

We provide an opportunity to pursue personal dreams and athletic goals through teamwork, discipline, hard work, and dedication. Our focus and foundation is guiding young women to positive self-actualization both on and off the court.


16/18 Power League: Moving on Up Too!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Three teams move up a division!

“This past weekend’s power league, the 16-1’s brought a lot of energy and focus competing against teams we’ve matched up with before and was able to successfully start the day with a 4-match winning streak ending with a tough loss in the championship game. Overall as a team, their defense & ball control once again was the key to their success. As the season comes to an end, we are starting to see noticeable signs of improvements in many aspects of the game in each and every player. The coaching staff is especially excited for this team going into their last national qualifier in Reno, NV before returning home for our CEVA Regional Championships. Keep ‘Pounding the Rock’ & putting forth the effort towards continued success!”

So proud of this team! They were passing with great technique and the front row was executing set ups. This court season has brought them a long distance. As we prep for Reno and Regionals we will remember the will and determination thus far. Placing first in pool play just adds to our enthusiasm. Our family is growing stronger!!
Keep diggin!
So proud of you!! Coach Tammy

Finally! Moving up to Gold. It’s been a roller coaster season and it’s nice to see the mental training starting to pay off. After a rough first match, the girls pushed through and made their way to the championship game falling 27-25 but moving up to Gold. It’s been great to see the girls grow on the court physically, but more importantly mentally. Only Regionals left to go in the season. Seniors, enjoy your last club matches!

“My what a great feeling it is!”
Our emotions felt after a while of inconsistency & finding our ways as we continue to work & train without our beloved Maddy (yes we love & miss you & your ohana) as she battles her health stuff & hope she improves so we can have her back for regionals! With players becoming more responsible & accountable for their effort, discipline & roles on the team, we were able to put together one of our best & complete days in a while managing to go undefeated for our final PL of the season! We will enjoy this day for a couple days & get back to work… with just a few weeks left, commitment-effort-discipline-energy will determine our finish. #HNLG

13/14 Power League: Moving on Up!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

This tournament was an overall success! We started the day with great attitudes and finished that way, in true Hiki Nō fashion. We learned a lot about being in the correct positions on the court and communicating as a team. This tournament is going to be a great learning experience for regionals in a few weeks! We hope the girls use the break to have fun and think about what they can do to help make the team better! Lezzzzz goooo HIKI Nō!!!!

After our wknd in spokane@PNQ, our main focus this past short week of training was ‘ACTION in ALL things TEAM HIKI NO’! Accountable action in believing, trusting, listening, and communicating is our keys to success. This has proved to work in past power leagues but the consistency was surely missing. This final power league proved & exemplified many things true dropping only one match all day & finishing with an incredible come from behind victory in the championship match! BIG BIG ups to our bench & parents for being engaged & supportive the entire day. Your cheering & response to the challenges faced when called upon definitely showed more signs of us hitting the ‘Hiki Nō curve’ in stride! Enjoy the little break for rest & recharge before our last opportunity to show even more improvement and growth at regionals… HNLG!!!

13/14/16 PNQ Weekend

Thursday, April 5, 2018

The 13-1’s along with their coaches and parents were on an emotional roller coaster ride during the PNQ weekend. There were highs and lows throughout the tournament playing against some of the best teams in the nation. Great memories were made on and off the court as our girls met tough challenges with amazing grit, determination, and relying on one another in the true spirit of “OHANA”.

This tournament was a huge weekend for learning. Sometimes it’s not the skills and abilities shown on the court, during the game, but the ones that are shown off the court or on the bench. That being said, we played smart against some very hard teams and came out on top of some really great games. We are really proud of our girls. They learned a lot from the teams we got to play and will now be even more ready for this weekends power league!!! T.E.A.M. Hiki Nō leeeeezzzzgggoo!!

I am very proud of how the 16-1’s team performed this past weekend. I thought that a couple of the girls really stepped up their game from the previous tournament. The team’s strength this tournament, had to be defense. That was the best defense I’ve seen out of this group all season. The girl’s did a good job staying disciplined on their platform and body positioning.

I’m excited to see more improvements in their up and coming tournaments.

Summing up this great weekend with this 16-2 team leaves me with high hopes for this next power league. As I hear parents speak of players improvements, I smile knowing that they are still reaching and striving for set goals and expectations. Day two of the tourney was a highlight with controlled plays setting them up for victories all day!! Support from our team parents is outstanding and I couldn’t ask for a better crew to take care of these young athletes. Team Hikino lined up the bags (respect) and then the side courts to support fellow teams after there am pools (spirit). So proud to lead this talented group. With respect and spirit you will continue to inspire!!
Keep diggin, Coach Tammy

18s PNQ Weekend

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

This weekend we learned a lot about ourselves as a team, as well as individuals. We showed progression not only in our skills, but in our attitude and teamwork. Over the course of the 3 days in Spokane, our success grew. With the absence of one of our main outside hitters, we were down to just 9 players. But we did not let that effect our dynamic as a team. The whole team on the last day came to the conclusion that this was the most fun, and best played tournament of the season. Everyone really stepped up to the plate and focused on their own responsibilities, before giving advice to others. The results showed in our 5th place tie out of 40 teams in our division, coming out with 5 wins out of 8 games, our best finish yet.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Jaz and Jill are writing,
On behalf of the 18-2s.

This weekend we went to Spokane,
To compete at the PNQ,
We had some really great matches,
And our time there flew.

Friday brought trouble,
The team playing strange.
One theme ran clear,
We needed to make a change.

We followed through on Saturday,
Finishing first in our pool.
We played so well we got fro-yo,
So that was pretty cool.

The tourney came to a close on Sunday,
With an L against a strong team.
But we’d like to thank our parents, coaches, and friends,
For making our time at PNQ supreme.