• Summer Time

    TEAM HIKI NO is excited to provide THREE awesome opportunities in JUNE to our region! All held at Gabriel Park Sand Cts (4500 SW Nevada St 97219). One includes UW Beach Volleyball Head Coach Steve Whitaker! Lezzzgooooo THN!!! 1) ‘Intro to Beach Volleyball’ Clinic: $60 – 2 days (June 5 & 6) Beach Beginners 4:30-6p […]

  • Regionals and WVC

    Regionals 18-1 During this year there has been some rough patches, but this weekend at regionals we learned and played as one. We accomplished our goal of being consistent and going for every ball. We were the most competitive then I’ve ever seen. As a senior, having this weekend be my last regionals ever, I […]

  • Power League Weekend

    18-1 18-2 This weekend was yet another great learning and growing experience for us. We played so well as a team and it was amazing to see everyone and everything come together. There were definitely some rough patches but all season, we’ve been working on getting out of these spots and constantly fighting for every […]

T.E.A.M. Hiki No is committed to providing a family oriented culture that facilitates the discovery of life lessons through the game of volleyball.

We provide an opportunity to pursue personal dreams and athletic goals through teamwork, discipline, hard work, and dedication. Our focus and foundation is guiding young women to positive self-actualization both on and off the court.


13/14 Power League

Thursday, March 22, 2018

We’re so proud of the 13’s as they played though very tough competition and injuries to work together as a team with the spirit of OHANA to win their PL bracket! The girls lived up to the HiKiNo name and made “Can Do” the motto of the day as they showed great resilience and mental toughness with all matches going to 3 sets. Each player faced tough challenges throughout the day but they relied on their teammates and were able to play through the adversity as a team.

We had a strong weekend overall and saw some players really get into the swing of things! The competition was great and we got some really thrilling rallies going! With only a couple tournaments left we have some things to really focus on and this tournament really brought those to light. This was a great learning experience for the girls and We are looking forward to the next tournament!

16/18 PL and 13/14 Friendship

Saturday, March 17, 2018

We had a great time this weekend playing Hiki No volleyball. These girls really performed once again with our make shift teams and playing out of their comfort zones. Huge life lessons and experience were made this past tournament, that we as coaches feel were finally hitting that Hiki No curve with self confidence, discipline and momentum. We’re on the rise and ain’t nothing holding us back. With our last 2 tourneys before regionals left, it’s time to fine tune our skills and progress. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for our keikis.

T.E.A.M. Hiki Nō 14-1 came into this tournament with the goals of never giving up, even when it’s been a long day, and playing smart.

We definitely had a strong overall day, even though we almost gave up at the end. We went through the day with some great comebacks and smart plays. We had some girls who really came out of their comfort zones and started playing with more confidence.

As a whole this tournament really brought to light the importance of staying focused and fixing the minor details to change the big picture.

Our girls did great and never lost a set! Go Hiki Nō!

After earning the opportunity to move up a division, our team wasn’t quite able to get over the hump nor convert in the few critical moments in each match to pull wins out in the morning pool & crossover matches. DS/Lib Halle VanDomelen provided a big vocal & emotional lift upon her return from a morning hs softball function. A true example of being a “rising tide that lifts all the boats”!

Wow! What a weekend for this team. Proud of the goals these young ladies are setting and reaching on and off the court. As a coach, I have to say being approached by the official for info needed related to giving a great shout out that was to be tweeted was priceless!! Second place will bring us a move up in the rankings as well. Congrats! Keep diggin

“Consistency & Commitment” has been the message & mindset needed to compete at our highest potential & the team took a step forward in that direction. Thanks to a very strong serve receive game, we were able to give ourselves many more options & opportunities on first attack balls. After a tough loss in tie-breaker, the team rebounded with back-to-back wins to keep us in the silver division with one more crack in April to move up into the top 12 which the coaching staff strongly feels the team is capable of. Off to Denver for the always awesome Crossorads tourney then returning to the NW & the Spokane PNQ. Let’s Go HIKI-TRAILS!

This team has battled all season having only been at full strength at the first tournament of the year. This tournament was no different being down two players and losing another during pool play. While the W/L may not reflect it, there were a lot of good things that happened throughout the day. Losing to the eventual champion 20-18 in the third set and losing another match 26-24 and 28-26, the team battled throughout the day. The players showed their ability to adapt to playing different positions and had a great attitude throughout!

President’s Day Weekend

Saturday, February 24, 2018

The 16-1’s played really good disciplined ball president’s day weekend. Our goal before the tournament, was that we would be constantly positive and cheering our teammates on. As a coach, I believe that the girls had kept our team goal in their mind while in play and had fulfilled it. I had asked the girls after the tournament “what was difference this weekend compared to the past weekends?”. The girls has agreed on one answer and that was, they felt like they had played as a team for the first time this season. I would have to agree with them. Changes were made when they needed to and we had won the game of errors. We forced a lot of teams to be out of system from our serving, and had minimized our own errors. I had seen a lot of improvements individually and as a team this past weekend. Of course, we still have a long ways to go. But I would like to think of this tournament, as a start to a great and disciplined team.

Started the weekend tourney a bit slow as we dialed in on our line up. What an opportunity for growth as we were missing two solid players out related to injuries. As the day went on our scores got tighter and tighter leaving us with a win over a much higher ranked team. With wind in our sails we continued to improve our performance and fought to our fullest with a Canadian team that showed such tenacity that the girls left the court with high spirits and a different angle on sportsmanship and athleticism! So proud to coach this team!! Dig it

This was a good test going up against some strong and well coached teams. It was definitely eye opening for some girls. We were able to serve tough which helped us narrow down the other team’s offensive options. In order to excel, more discipline will be needed on our side of the court. Headed for the home stretch of the season. Keep working hard!

What a weeekend! Almost back to full strength, it was fun to see this group get back on track. The weekend started with a little bit of nerves, but as the tournament went on the team started to find their groove. The last four matches of the tournament was the most fun to be a part of while also going up against bigger stronger teams. We were able to keep other teams away from their big hitters by serving tough, being smart with our offense and playing solid defense. While we can still work on consistency and discipline, the fight is starting to come back. Grow from this weekend and keep working hard. Only two months in the season left!

State of the Club Address

Friday, February 9, 2018

Alohas to our entire THN Ohana & hope all is well. Excited to share this mid-season update of our 7th season that’s off to a solid & promising start. Starting with our youngest group (u12s), we decided early that it was best to challenge this group that have combined to put in numerous hours of training & work all year round and placing them into the u14s age division. Along with an inexperienced group of 13&14 yr olds, both of these groups have come a very long way in learning the game & showing some serious upside. Their success in matches & tourneys have been to nobody’s surprise within the THN Ohana & the girls are seeing their hard work & efforts paying off. Keep up the great work Lil’ Giants!

Our two u16s and 18-2s teams have somewhat surprisingly & certainly positively bonded as quickly as we’ve ever seen. They have bought into the team culture & main messages of THN which has allowed them to focus on the important & necessary things for success both on & off the court. Their overall growth continues to show itself weekly & if their inner drive/determination strengthens as well, it will be even more fun to see these teams in action. After their upcoming Prez Day weekend tourney in Tacoma, our u16s group will head off to the highly anticipated trip to the beautiful Garden Isle of Kauai, Hawaii to compete in the annual ‘Waimea Town Celebration Volleyball Tourney” & spend a week in paradise for a bunch of awesome activities, fun in the sun & much deserved relaxation. Check back for pics, memories, vignettes, & once-in-a-lifetime experiences shared by our girls & families. Have a great trip ya’ll!

Next, we uniquely joined forces with our much respected & close friends from TrailsEnd this season to provide this group of great girls & families the most & best possible opportunities. As the cliche & quotes say, “Success never comes easy” & “Nothing is guaranteed” are two that reminds & drives this group early. As these girls start to mature, learn, & understand the nuances of themselves, each other & what it takes to truly be a TEAM & EARN success, they continue to grind daily in their training. With more individual ‘100% commitment’, this team will move closer to their true potential & their team’s success will become more consistent. Time & actions will always speak louder than any words… CAN DO ~ WILL DO!

Last but certainly not least, congrats to our THN alumns for all their success both on & off the court. Real world impactful jobs, internships, collegiate indoor & sand seasons, & all things FANTASTIC! Keep up the great work & thanks for always keeping the THN Standard of Excellence as high as you all do! Much Love & Alohas & as always… HIKI NO!!!